Thank you Wirral Advanced Motorcyclists

On Tuesday 13th February, Edie’s Granddad Chris was invited to the Eastham Ferry Hotel to attend the AGM of the Wirral Advanced Motorcyclists (WAM).

Chris (right) receiving the cheque for £1000.00 from club Chairman, Ken Smith

During the meeting Chairman, Ken Smith, informed members about the battle our little superhero, Edie, is currently going through. Granddad Chris was asked to say a few words to the members about how things are going in Mexico and Chris informed them about Monday’s positive news, which was applauded by every member. Granddad Chris was then presented with a cheque for £1000.00, with the promise that further support would be given during the year. The cheque was passed over with one condition … that Steve, Edie’s Dad, doesn’t spend any of it on cakes. Steve is an active member of WAM, and it seems that they know him very well.

We would like to send our sincere thanks to the Committee and members of Wirral Advanced Motorcyclists, not only for the £1000.00 cheque received today, but also for the support they gave when their members helped out during a recent bucket collection at a freezing cold Tranmere Rovers match.

Pictured is Granddad Chris (right) receiving the cheque for £1000.00 from club Chairman, Ken Smith.

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