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Charity News!

Bradley Lowery Foundation - Supporting Fundraising Campaigns

As of today we are officially celebrating being part of the Bradley Lowery Foundation! *

Bradley Lowery was a young boy with a rare brain tumour called neuroblastoma. He tragically lost his battle in the summer of 2017 aged just 6 years old. The foundation was set up in Bradley’s memory to help other children by raising funds for medical treatment and equipment not available in the UK.

For us this is monumental as it means we are now part of a registered charity and can accept donations with gift aid if you are a tax paying individual. It also means that businesses and larger companies that require a charity number can now make donations as well!

One of the harder announcements is that after a lot of advice from the foundation and parents of other children seeking treatment in Monterrey, we are having to increase our target to £700,000. This is a massive increase, over double that of our original baseline target. We did not come to this decision lightly, we were first given the advice over a week ago and completely dismissed it thinking it was an unrealistic target.

However, some of the families here have exhausted their funds and need to rethink fundraising. We don’t want to be put in that position after all of your generosity and hard work. We need to be able to give Edie the best chance we can.

£300,000.00 was frightening, but we’re nearly at a third after such a short time. If £700,000.00 is what it takes, then we don’t stop until we get it.

Grandad Chris after we told him how scared we were.

Our hearts shattered all over again, it feels like one step forward and three steps back, but this is how we felt when we were told £300,000, and thanks to every single one of you, we’ve managed to smash a third of that in a matter of weeks, so we know that with all of you in our corner and the huge effort each and every one of you are making, that we can do it.

We have so much faith in the love and support from you all, you truly are fighting alongside us.

Please keep fighting, we need you all now more than ever!
All our love,
Ashleigh & Steve

* For more information regarding the amazing work that they do please visit the Bradley Lowery Foundation website.)

So now to donate, please visit our new JustGiving page at
https://www.justgiving.com/campaigns/charity/thebradleyloweryfoundation/spideredie. You can also set up your own fundraiser tied to our JustGiving account on this page, simply scroll down and look to the right for the “Start fundraising” button.

The £100k Milestone – Almost There!

£95k Surpassed

Today we flew past the £95,000 mark. This means we are almost a third of the way to our estimated target of £300,000*. Please help us get there!

On Wednesday evening (24th January), Edie is due to have a follow up appointment at the hospital in Mexico to check on how she has responded to the treatment, the side effects suffered and how she is in herself. From there the doctors will decide how to proceed and when the next treatment appointment should be.

So let’s see if we can get to the £100,000 milestone before this appointment. It would give us a such a boost and a show of support to take us into the appointment knowing everyone is still behind us every step of the way.

To donate directly please visit our Spider-Ede Appeal Campaign Page.

(* Please note this is only an estimated target for the minimum number of treatments needed)

We’re off to Mexico!

You may have read earlier in the month that we had a letter from Mexico confirming that Edie had been accepted onto their DIPG treatment program. This is amazing news and really gives us hope. We are trying to get plans in place to leave during the first week of January as we need to be there by the 13th before our place is lost and we have to reapply. However, we also felt that those who have already donated or considering donating understand that this is just the first step, the first consultation and it’s only the start of what will be a long and costly year ahead of us.

We have been overwhelmed by the generosity of those who have already donated, those who have already held events to help raise funds, raffle prize donators and more. Every person who has even just shared our story has helped to raise awareness and potentially found us another donor. Our current total stands at just over £45,000, which is 15% of our total target.

However, as amazing as this has been, the fund raising doesn’t end here. We will be in Mexico for potentially up to a month and then having to return monthly for further treatments. Each of these cost a lot of money. Our first bill is approximately $32,000 which is just under £24,000. That doesn’t include the cost of last minute flights to Mexico, accommodation for all of us whilst out there, the urgent Passports that we’ve had to sort out for us and the children, plus everything else that comes with moving to another country at a moment’s notice.

So we still need your help. We appreciate that it’s the most expensive time of year however one of our fund raising avengers (our close network of family and friends who will be running everything and continuing to co-ordinate fund raising plans/events whilst we are away) has come up with a plan.

Edie’s 300

Edie’s 300 is a group of people who are willing to pledge £10 a week (just over £43 a month) and set up a standing order, to send this money into our bank account and help to lay the foundations of our future fund raising. We know people would love to donate and we realise that we can’t raise so much money so quickly, however this would reduce the monthly average needed to be raised and ease the pressure on our amazing team of avengers and everyone else who are trying to help us.

If you would like to join our 300, please visit Edie’s 300 page and complete the form. Bank account details will then be forwarded for setting up a standing order.

Fund Raising Events

We still need fund raising events to go on! We have a few already set up to go ahead and more are being planned, however we still need more! We have set up a fund raising with a list of ideas and will be adding poster templates, our standard posters, different logo options for sticker printing and/or t’shirt printing. If you are planning a fund raising event please also contact us and let us know the details. We can then add it to our list of upcoming events, help publicise it and maybe even help out if at all possible.

Anything you can do is absolutely amazing and truly appreciated from the very bottom of our hearts and that’s not just from Edie’s immediate family but her extended family and friends. You’re all superheroes in helping us to save our little superhero.

Donation collection Locations

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Do you know how LOVED you are?

This has to be the busiest week of the year for shopping and we are extremely lucky that a number of shops and locations have permitted that our amazing volunteers can go out with buckets to collect donations towards our fund raising. We are also very lucky to be fund raising alongside the choirs of Christ Church and Jireh Church, both in Higher Bebington, Wirral, who are coming together to sing outside the Co-operative supermarket on Teehay Lane in Higher Bebington.

You should find our wonderful collectors at the following points over the next few days:

  • Friday 22nd, 3.30pm – Co-operative Supermarket, Teehay Lane, Higher Bebington
  • Saturday 23rd – Iceland Supermarket, Birkenhead Town Centre, New Brighton and New Ferry
  • Saturday 23rd – Gladstone Theatre, Port Sunlight
  • Sunday 23rd – Gladstone Theatre, Port Sunlight