Running for Edie

Leigh-Anne Racing

The news of Edie’s illness has touched the hearts of runners all over the world, with many amazing people running to help her get the treatment that she needs. The latest runner to step up to the mark for Edie is Leigh-Anne Burns, the niece of Julie Doran, one of Edie’s Nanna Hazel’s friends. Leight-Anne, a Dubai resident is all set to run the Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon (January 26, 2018) in aid of Edie.

Leigh-Anne, who will be running with Adidas Runners, says:

The marathon will be in Dubai on 26th January. It is called the Standard Chartered Marathon. I will be running with my running group Adidas Runners who are sponsors for it. I originally just did running because I liked it (the most I would do is 10k) but since June I have been training with this group who have inspired me to push my limits. With just completing my first half marathon race just last month, I am currently training towards taking on my first marathon in a few weeks and pushing towards doing 3 in total this year.

If you want to sponsor Leigh-Anne you can do this online via our donation site. Please also leave a comment below to let Leigh-Anne know that you’ve sponsored her online and also to show your support for her fantastic efforts.


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