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Fox46 Charlotte News – The Spider-Ede Appeal on US Television

On the 6th of January we reported how an amazing group of people from Charlotte, North Carolina were holding a donation run in aid of the Spider-Ede Appeal. This fantastic gesture, taking place thousands of miles away from where Edie & her family live, was made possible by the lovely people at Sycamore Brewing. We later learned that Sarah Brigham, co-owner of the brewery, was interviewed on air, prior to the race starting, by Charlotte, NC’s local Fox news channel. The interview was, in our opinions, brilliant. It highlighted so much about Edie and her illness, explaining what DIPG is, and gave a lot of exposure to the appeal including prominently displaying our crowd funding page at chuffed.org/project/the-spider-ede-appeal.

Not only are we extremely grateful to Sarah Brigham, Sycamore Brewing and the people of Charlotte, North Carolina for all that they have done for us, but also to Fox46 Charlotte for the tremendous exposure that they have given to our cause within their community.

You can view the interview online at: GETTING RESULTS: Charity Run for Edie.