Edie’s 300

Edie’s “300” is a simple and straightforward plan to make it easy to donate low but regularly. The money we need is needed throughout the year and this will help lay the foundations which one off donations from others plus events will help to top up.

We know that loads of people would love to donate hundreds if not thousands of pounds but can’t. If we break these big donations into manageable amounts we might be onto a winner. All we ask is if people could pledge £10 a week and we have 300 people willing to do it, that’s £13,000 a month on average. In ten months that’s £130,000 that’s almost half our target. At the time of posting (December 28th) we are at just over 15% (£45,000) of our final target.

If you want to get involved, please add your details to the form below. Someone (we have lots of amazing helpers!) will the forward over the bank details to set up a weekly or monthly standing order. Thank you if you can help, we truly appreciate it from the bottom of our hearts.

Current Members

We want to give thanks to all of these people for helping to give us peace of mind as well as helping to get our daughter the treatment she needs.

    • Kirsty Stading
    • Steve Smith
    • Sue Davies
    • Chris Stading
    • Hazel Anderson
    • Robert Aslett
    • Joe Sephton
    • Carol Stading
    • Ron Stading
    • Lorraine MacKenzie
    • Paul MacKenzie
    • Elle MacKenzie
    • Steve Royle
    • Emily Mcardle
    • Kelly Sirimsu
    • Ruth Mann
    • June Kendrick
    • Anita Henry
    • Sue Davis
    • Lorraine Jamieson Turton
    • David Anderson
    • Sarah Anderson
    • Jamie Plant
    • Tina Byrne
    • Rachel Dodd
    • Keith Leyland (Dibsy)
    • Hannah Smith
    • Lucy Kirkham
    • Tony Campbell
    • Elley Kirkham
    • Stuart McLaughlin
    • Jamie-Lee Slawson
    • Natalie Hooton
    • Keith Howard
    • Jane Farley
    • Eileen Stading
    • Lynn Wilkinson
    • Les Sands
    • Lisa Farley
    • Christine Delve
    • Lee & Anna Mcallister
    • Steve & Louise Lord
    • Kate Stredder
    • Liz Buckley
    • Jean & Simon Lewis
    • Melanie Hanmer
    • Joanne & Adam Simpson
    • Maureen & Barry King
    • John Temple
    • Paul Byrne & Kev King
    • Sue McKie
    • Joan Mcallister
    • Anna White
    • Jayne & Jeff Sheeran
    • Sophie Ryan
    • Sally Thompson
    • Neal Davis
    • Rebecca Collins

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