Privacy Policy

We respect your privacy and will not pass your personal details on to any third party without prior consent. We use your personal data to respond to your fundraising notices or when you’ve contacted us. We do not use your data for marketing. Data is stored in the emails or messages sent via Social Media, and is removed when no longer required (typically after the event has taken place unless you have expressed an interest in further fundraising or to keep in contact).

Donations made online via JustGiving are made with JustGiving. We do not have access to any private data regarding these donations, only what is made public which is your name. We do not have access to our fundraisers’ pages either and again, cannot see anonymous donors, only those who choose to have their name displayed publicly.

Our merchandise is produced and sold by 14 Degrees Down. We are only given personal details by them when a collection is requested from Tranmere. This is to enable us to contact the buyer to arrange pick up.

For further information, to request to see any personal data that we hold of yours or to request all your data to be removed, please contact us at