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John Hammond’s Stadium Run

So as you all know John Hammond has been doing lots of things to help raise awareness for DIPG, and fundraising for Edie. John is also on RADIO CITY TALK LIVE at 2:20pm today to talk about his latest venture!! He’s planning a stadium run, you can read his statement below! Thank you once again John, you’re a hero!! 🙌🏻

“My plan to run from Man City to Man Utd to Goodison and finishing at Anfield on the 3rd March to help raise £1000 for young Edie is still a definite goer but my idea of getting a £250 donation off each club is definitely not a goer 😭 Liverpool and Man City have said No, and no replies from the other 2 clubs. I knew it would be a long shot getting £250 out of these millionaire clubs but I won’t give up just yet.

Radio City Talk have invited me into the tower tomorrow afternoon to talk about my idea and I will be using this to plea to the clubs and also rich footballers, rich local businesses, rich local entrepreneurs, anyone who’s got a few bob 😬 I definitely won’t be asking for a penny off the people out there who donate and help me each and every time I come up with something.

I already have £400 donated from 2 local businesses in Carpenters Solicitors and Natalie Henshaw bootcamp 66 so huge thank you to them.

If anyone has any ideas or would like to help out in any way please feel free to send me a message 👍”
Here’s a map of John’s run too so you can see how far he’s going to go!! ❤️💙

Stadium Map Run