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Positive News from Mexico

Edie had a follow up appointment today and from what the doctors have said it’s pretty positive!

Edie after receiving her fantastic news.

The area of enhancement from the first scan, although bigger, was no longer enhanced, this could mean that the tumour is actually dying! Another good thing was the spectroscopy values, in particular choline, the amount of choline present tells you how much cellular membrane turnover there is, or in other words how active the tumour is. Well the value of choline has halved since the last MRI! This would say that the growth of the tumour is caused by necrosis (tumour cell death) and inflammation.

With these results Edie is now a perfect candidate to be given another type of drug that makes the tumour more receptive to chemotherapy and immunotherapy drugs, and we start her with those tomorrow.

Hopefully we can build on this and continue breaking the tumour down to nothing.

As you can see, Lenny found the meeting very interesting! 🙂

The Wirral Globe has published an article on this news, along with some updates on the appeal, you can read the story online at: Brave Edie receives fantastic news during treatment for inoperable brain tumour in Mexico.