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Race at your Pace Challenge – February

After their successful completion of the Race at your Pace challenge in January, sisters Anne-Marie and Leighann Hazler have decided to do this again for February. That means another 75 miles to be completed each throughout the month.

You can sponsor them for this event on their fundraiser page at https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/leighannemarie.

Good luck to both of them! We’ll add comments to this page for each weekly update so come back to keep up to date with their progress.

Sycamore Brew Beer Run

The Sycamore Brewing Beer Run club has heard of our appeal all the way in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA! They are holding a donation run today to help raise funds for our Spider-Ede appeal and we truly appreciate them for holding the event and every single person who takes part. From their event page:

Edie is a sweet three-year-old girl who was recently diagnosed with Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG) – a rare brain tumor that occurs in children. We are raising funds for The Spider-Ede Appeal – DIPG Awareness to get Edie the treatment she needs.

This is a donation run. $5 minimum donation – A $10 donation gets you a free beer or cider post run. Free Hot Chocolate!

Please feel free to bring your dogs, kids, jogging strollers.

1, 3, and 6 mile routes.

Thank you so much for your support.

The event is being held at 2161 Hawkins Street, Charlotte, North Carolina 28203 starting at 11.30am until 2.30pm (EST) today, 6th January. Good luck to everyone participating!

Race at your pace challenge

Sisters, Anne-Marie Hazler and Leighann Travis are doing a ‘race at your pace’ challenge in January. From Anne-Marie:

We have to run 75 miles EACH over the course of the month. We will be doing this on the treadmill and outside. We will both be showing evidence on Facebook of the mileage we’ve done!!!!

We’ll also be uploading their mileage covered here each week as well and grab their update from Facebook.

To sponsor Anne-Marie and Leighann please use our donation page and also comment below so they know who has sponsored them!

Week 1 Photos

Week 2 Photos

Couch to 5k for Edie May

Spider-Ede’s great Aunty, Sarah, is starting a Couch to 5k for Edie to help raise funds for our Spider-Ede Appeal. Below is her message:

Couch to 5k for Edie May – it may not sound much to some but for me, the idea of running 5k is quite huge. I may have run 5km’s without an issue when I was a teenager, but I’m not a teenager anymore (no matter how much I like to think I am!). I live a fairly sendentary lifestyle, working on a computer all day, from home, and the school run involves a 2 minute walk, maybe 3 if we’ve forgotten something! After 12 years of no real exercise besides walking, and 3 kids (two came at once!), it’s time to make a change. I’ve said this before but this time there’s a bigger motivation and that’s to help raise funds for Edie’s treatment. We need to get her to Mexico and we need to keep getting donations in to keep the treatment going over the next year.

I’d love to run a 10k race, maybe later in the year, but for now the plan is couch to 5k and I’m signing up to the Liverpool 5k on 5th May (my birthday!).

If you could sponsor me that would be amazing. I have also set up a diary for progress on this and welcome anyone to join me with this. You can read about the weekly progress at Couch to 5k for Edie May.

You can sponsor Sarah on the Couch to 5k for Edie May donation page. Drop us a message if you’d like to join the Couch to 5k group.

Spider-Ede Marathon Madness

Marathon Race

A friend of Spider-Ede’s Mum, Liz Buckley, is planning to run 3 marathons this year to help raise funds for the Spider-Ede Appeal. The marathons will take place at the following locations:

  • Wrexham in March;
  • Blackpool in April;
  • Liverpool in May.

This is Liz’s message:

Thought I’d do 3 marathons because Edie is 3. Going to do them as Spider-Man for obvious reasons. My reason for doing marathons – I did one in Edinburgh in 2011 and vowed I’d never do one again but that was nothing compared to the hell Edie and family are going through now! So, two children later and several years older we’ll see what happens…..it won’t be fast but I’ll get round!!!!

If you want to sponsor Liz you can do this online via her fundraising page on Chuffed.org. Please also leave a comment below to let Liz know you’ve sponsored her online and also to show your support for the huge task ahead of her!

Throwing a Fund Raiser?

If you are thinking of or already planning a fund raiser for the Spider-Ede appeal then we want to know about it and we want to help! We’ve put together a folder full of artwork and files that may be of use. You can access these files via our Fund Raising page. If there’s anything you need which isn’t there please let us know and we’ll try and get something sorted for you.

Files available are:

  • High resolution logos
  • Sticker designs
  • T’shirt designs
  • Collection bucket / pot stickers designs
  • A5 flyers
  • Event poster template
  • Sponsorship form

The Great British Beard Off!

Yesterday evening, Steve Furber and Edie’s daddy, Steve Molyneux, both had their head and beards shaved off (by each other!) to help raise funds for the Spider-Ede Appeal. This was shown live on Facebook and the video can be seen on our Facebook page (direct link to video).

If you would like to donate in response to their wonderful gesture, let’s face it those beards took a while to grow and perfect!, please consider making a donation to our Spider-Ede Appeal. The before shots are below and we’ll update this post with after photos as soon as we get them (I think they’ve gone a bit shy!)




After the head and beard shaves

Steve Furber - After the shaveSteve Molyneux - After the shave