Fly High Edie May

**upsetting images of reality**

It is with indescribable pain that we have to tell you all our baby gained her angel wings at 1.30pm yesterday afternoon


I literally have no words to say anything more right now. Please keep us in your hearts. We are heartbroken and lost but so proud of how hard Edie fought and how many peoples lives she touched. An inspiration to us all.

Edie, you are forever our baby ❤️🕷💙



  • Lucia aguiñaga Rodríguez

    Dios les de pronta resignación a tan grande pérdida mis oraciones siguen a su lado una gran familia guerrera q unidos lucharon hasta el final Eydie una gran guerrera fue fuerte en vida y ahora un gran ángel para el mundo q en gloria está😭😭


  • I am really sorry you lost your daughter. I was really hoping she would have made it through all of this. I am sorry that she had to go through it. I know it was very hard for you and your family. I hope that you will find strength to carry on each day. But, know this, God has her and she is not in pain anymore and God will get you through each day that you have grieved.


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