Our Fundraising Team

We are lucky to have a number of family members and friends who work tirelessly to help co-ordinate events, produce posters, manage our Social Media and website, print t-shirts, collect and allocate buckets and so much more! You will see them at various events in person and often on Facebook and Twitter. If you need to ask them questions or get assurance that an event or competition taking place in our name is endorsed by us then please feel free to get in touch either with one of the team below or via out contact form.

Offline Donation Log
Chris Stading: chris@spider-ede.org.uk
Events / Fundraising Co-ordination
Kelly Tyrer: kelly@spider-ede.org.uk / fundraising@spider-ede.org.uk
Chris Stading: chris@spider-ede.org.uk
Paul Fessey: paul@spider-ede.org.uk
Raffle Prize Donations / Requests
Carol Stading: carol@spider-ede.org.uk
Donation Tubs / Emptying
Hazel Anderson: hazel@spider-ede.org.uk
Ron Stading: ron@spider-ede.org.uk
Facebook Posting
Sophie Molyneux: sophie@spider-ede.org.uk / facebook@spider-ede.org.uk
Twitter & Instagram Posting
Kirsty Stading: kirsty@spider-ede.org.uk / twitter@spider-ede.org.uk
Merchandise Ordering / Enquiries
Nikki Amson: nikki@spider-ede.org.uk
Website Maintenance
David Anderson: david@spider-ede.org.uk
Sarah Anderson: sarah@spider-ede.org.uk
Medical / Dietary Advice
David Anderson: david@spider-ede.org.uk
Event Posters / Ticket Designs
Colin Farley: colin@spider-ede.org.uk
Posters / Forms
Paul Fessey: paul@spider-ede.org.uk
Media / Press Enquiries and Contacts
Steve Smith: steve.smith@spider-ede.org.uk / press@spider-ede.org.uk
Sporting Events
Joe Sephton: joe@spider-ede.org.uk
Additional Contacts / Core Team
Nicola Stading: nicola@spider-ede.org.uk