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Marathon Madness Completed

28701619_1680041792077041_522075600863843271_oJohn and Dave,

We thank you both for going out of your way travelling 3 different countries and pushing yourselves to your limits.
We thank you for taking something you enjoy and using it to make a difference!
For inspiring others and opening their minds.

You are true heroes, selfless and beautiful.

John completed 4 marathons in 4 days in 3 countries and Dave joined him for the last 2. This was all for the 6 Uk children with DIPG travelling to Mexico for treatment.

In the Uk, there is simply no hope for our children, we are told to go and make happy memories as inevitably they will die. Well we are not prepared to give up on our beautiful little souls, there is hope, in Mexico they are trying all they can to help our children and come up with an answer.
Our Uk government currently does not support or fund this treatment and so we have to do it ourselves.

That is when people like John & Dave step in, the aim of this Marathon Madness was to raise awareness and gain some publicity. But John also decided they would raise some much needed funds for us all along the way! He set the target at £2000 and we are so thankful to all that donated as that target has been exceeded and his crowdfund page is now on £2500!!! 🙌🙌🙌

Thank you for all that got involved, running alongside John & Dave, words of encouragement, donations this all means so much to us.
John and Dave don’t ever stop being you! We look forward to seeing what you come up with next John as we know you too well to think this will be the last 💪💪💪

A big thank you to the businesses who sponsored John & Dave even though the pair were more than prepared to fund it themselves (reluctant to accept money for their travel & accommodation)

14 degrees down – http://www.14degreesdown.com
Flo Gas – http://www.flogas.co.uk
Pearl Dragon Restaurant – http://www.pearldragon.co.uk
DG Technology – http://www.dg.uk
Proform Group – http://www.proformgroup.co.uk

All our love, Ashleigh, Steve and all of our Uk DIPG families here in Monterrey.

#cure4cam Cameron, Waringstown
#tousaveczoé Zoé, Southampton
#teamkaleigh Kaleigh, Essex
#helpluke Luke, East Lothian
#helplucy Lucy, Wirral
#fight4edie Edie, Wirral

John Hammond’s Marathon Runs

John Hammond

Tomorrow, John Hammond, who has already run 42 miles in his Stadium run just a couple of weeks ago to help raise funds for Edie, is embarking on a new challenge. He has decided that to raise awareness of DIPG around the UK he is going to run a marathon in the home town of each of the other 4 children from the UK, who are currently receiving treatment in Mexico. John is well know on the Wirral and has had amazing support and it’s time to spread this awareness further.

John Hammond
These marathons are not being spaced out however, they are being run over 4 days, in 3 different countries!

All money raised will be split between the 6 children currently fighting DIPG in Mexico.

  • The Spider-Ede Appeal – Edie May Molyneux – #fight4edie
  • Lucy’s Pineapple Fund – Lucy Moroney – #helplucy
  • Kaleigh’s Trust – Kaleigh Lau – #teamkaleigh
  • Cure4Cam – Cameron Finnegan – #cure4camfund
  • Help Luke – Luke Stewart – #helpluke
  • Association Princesse Zoé – Zoé Donneaud – #tousaveczoé

The Marathons

John will be starting his first marathon on Thursday 15th March at 10am in Waringstown, Northern Ireland. Starting from Camerons school, Brownlow Integrated College, Craigavon, Cameron’s Dad, some family friends and some of the children at Cameron’s school will be joining John at some part of the run.

John will then fly back to Liverpool Airport and drive down to Southampton to run a Marathon in Zoe’s home town on Friday 16th March at 10am. There is no particular route planned at the moment.

Saturday 17th March brings an early start, 7.30am! John will be joined by his friend Dave Huyton and they will both be running in Kaleigh’s home town, starting from the Premier Inn Buckhurst Hill and joining in with the Hackney Marshes Parkrun around 9am.

Finally a long drive up to Scotland for both John and Dave, where they will be running their marathon in Luke’s homeland, East Lothian. This will be a 10amstart with no route planned at the moment.

John continues to raise awareness for both Edie and Lucy, who are both from John’s home, Wirral. As he already does so much to support both campaigns and recently ran a 42 mile run from Manchester to Wirral via Liverpool, it was decided in order to raise more awareness outside of Wirral he would run his marathons for all children in the 4 other areas. Plus the decision to miss out Wirral is because we know that the people of Wirral will support John no matter where he runs!

With Thanks

John and all 6 families would like to thank the below companies for sponsoring John in his 4 marathons for 6 children;

Thank you also to:

14 Degrees Down for printing John and Dave’s marathon t-shirts.

A big thank you to Steve Smith (Part of The Spider-Ede Appeal fundraising team) for lending John his car to make the journey from Liverpool to Southampton, London, Scotland and back to Wirral.

Finally, we also want to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to John himself, who is selflessly donating his time and energy to help raise awareness of all 6 UK children currently receiving treatment in Mexico.

To show your support you can sponsor John on his JustGiving page.

John Hammond’s Stadium Run

So as you all know John Hammond has been doing lots of things to help raise awareness for DIPG, and fundraising for Edie. John is also on RADIO CITY TALK LIVE at 2:20pm today to talk about his latest venture!! He’s planning a stadium run, you can read his statement below! Thank you once again John, you’re a hero!! 🙌🏻

“My plan to run from Man City to Man Utd to Goodison and finishing at Anfield on the 3rd March to help raise £1000 for young Edie is still a definite goer but my idea of getting a £250 donation off each club is definitely not a goer 😭 Liverpool and Man City have said No, and no replies from the other 2 clubs. I knew it would be a long shot getting £250 out of these millionaire clubs but I won’t give up just yet.

Radio City Talk have invited me into the tower tomorrow afternoon to talk about my idea and I will be using this to plea to the clubs and also rich footballers, rich local businesses, rich local entrepreneurs, anyone who’s got a few bob 😬 I definitely won’t be asking for a penny off the people out there who donate and help me each and every time I come up with something.

I already have £400 donated from 2 local businesses in Carpenters Solicitors and Natalie Henshaw bootcamp 66 so huge thank you to them.

If anyone has any ideas or would like to help out in any way please feel free to send me a message 👍”
Here’s a map of John’s run too so you can see how far he’s going to go!! ❤️💙

Stadium Map Run

Race at your Pace Challenge – February

After their successful completion of the Race at your Pace challenge in January, sisters Anne-Marie and Leighann Hazler have decided to do this again for February. That means another 75 miles to be completed each throughout the month.

You can sponsor them for this event on their fundraiser page at https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/leighannemarie.

Good luck to both of them! We’ll add comments to this page for each weekly update so come back to keep up to date with their progress.