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Hero Diaries – 6 Months On

On 30th November 2017 we heard the words no parent should have to hear…

On the 30th November 2017 we heard the words no parents should have to hear…

This week we are 6 months on from that awful day and we wanted to share with you our journey from the beginning. For those that have been with us from the start and those that have joined us along the way, we are so thankful to have you fighting with us.
Text EDIE03 £? to 70070

Edie’s 11 vs Hollyoaks – Match Report

Edie's Football team plus some of the Hollyoaks cast, crew and friends.

On Friday 11th May, Edie’s 11 vs Hollyoaks cast played at Ashville Football Club in Wallasey. Edie’s 11, (managed by Edie’s uncle Joe Sephton and cousin Kev King) are a group of local lads who are close to Edie and her family, or have been heavily involved in fundraising and holding their own events in aid of the Spider-Ede Appeal.

42010029052_0db0d6a2e7_z8 members of the Hollyoaks cast played along with crew and friends to make up the numbers. One well known name was I’m a Celebrity 2017’s Jamie Lomas, who previously played Warren Fox in the soap. It is safe to say the fans were thrilled when he pulled up to Ashville FC and happily got some photos and signed some autographs!

41154089125_8ee4165945_zAnother well known cast member, Nic Pickard, was also present. Nic plays Tony Hutchinson and is the longest-serving cast member and appeared in the first episode in 1995. Nic played a massive part in helping to arrange the match and we could not thank him enough for his help.

42010016182_1acc7b0ef5_zDuayne Boachie, who plays Zak Loveday, was the Spider-Ede Appeal’s Man of the Match. His football skills were just as good as his acting skills and the award was well deserved!

Both Duayne and Parry Glasspool, screen name Harry Thompson, proved a hit with the fans and couldn’t get to their seats without having a queue of ladies requesting a photograph.

41333907434_63b0e360e2_zLuke Jerdy was one of Hollyoak’s star players, who is best known as Jesse Donovan in the soap.

David Kennedy, who plays Dirk Savage, also took part. It didn’t go un-noticed that he enjoyed the delicious curry at the end of the match more than he enjoyed the game!

40246453600_1acc7b0ef5_zThe full time score was 6-4 to Edie’s 11 who proudly took home the winners trophy. The trophy was presented on the night to Ian McGraa and Lee Gibson, both local rival Sunday league football managers who chose to wear the opposite football shirt in the evening for sponsorship, to raise more funds for Edie’s treatment.

Our officials on the day were Aidan Jones, Steve Copeland and Merril Grundy, who kindly donated their Friday night to the charity match.

42010017732_9cb87a16d0_zDJ Steve Lord provided brilliant commentary and music before, during and after the match. Liam Kelly was dressed up as Spider-Man to grab photos with the children and adults alike, Louise Lord and Anna Mcallister also brought their amazing cakes to sell, alongside Joan Janvier selling sweet cones and Claire Jardine Jones selling raffle tickets, all to raise additional funds.

We’d also like to say thank you to Proactive Personnel Ltd, Neil Hayes Painting & Decorating, Haworth and Gallagher Solicitors, and AquaSafe Swim School for their sponsorship towards the event.

The night was a success and we raised in excess of £2500!

Keep your eyes peeled for the return of Edie’s 11 in their next football match!

View all photos from the evening on Flickr.


Spider-Ede Rocks!

Can you help?

We are spreading awareness of Edie’s fight and DIPG by painting rocks, writing on them and adding photos to the Facebook group #SpiderEdeRocks.

If you would like to join in here’s what you need to do:

  • Join the facebook group #SpiderEdeRocks;
  • Decorate a rock using acrylic paint, marker pens or anything else you find that works;
  • Write on the rock:
    • The Spider-Ede Appeal
      Post a photo
      Please hide again
  • Seal the rock with PVA glue or varnish;
  • Post a photo of your masterpiece to the facebook group #SpiderEdeRocks.

If you don’t use Facebook then just comment below to let us know if you’ve found a rock and whereabouts. We love to hear how far our rocks have travelled!

If you’d like some ideas of what to use for rock painting, here are some acrylic paint pens and a spray seal on Amazon which are easy to use and far less messy that standard paints with a brush!

Weekly roundup 13th May

Edie's Football team plus some of the Hollyoaks cast, crew and friends.

Hi all, it’s our weekly round-up post to say thank you to everyone! As always, we want to say a huge thank you to everyone who is mentioned below, for those who have attended/supported and for everyone who has made a donation no matter what size. We appreciate you all ❤️💙

See what’s coming up in the next few weeks on our event calendar and drop us a message or contact the host if you’re interested in attending any of them.

On Friday we had the much anticipated Edie’s 11 versus Hollyoaks football match. Despite the predicted rain we had a great turnout! The match was great and Edie’s 11 won 6-4. Over £2500 was raised! Well done to Aunty Kirsty and Joe for pulling off a great evening, all those who helped out before and during the match, and everyone who came! You can see more photos from the event at

On Saturday, Sharon Ellis ran the tough mudder half marathon in the Midlands. A hard but amazing run! You can still sponsor her on her fundraising page

This morning, Craig Northwood ran his first 5k on the Sketchers Trail in the Forest of Dean, coming in with a time of 35 minutes. Well done Craig! You can still sponsor him at

We also want to say a huge thank you to the British Military Fitness members who have raised over £826 running 6000 miles over 15 weeks! This is an amazing distance run by around 20 BMF members.

Next week we have our next nationwide #Bake4Edie event. We have a few public events taking place and several offices getting involved. Please let us know if you’re holding one, no matter what size. Even if it’s with a few friends or family at home! Let’s just get talking about DIPG.

We also want to wish our runners good luck who are running in the Liverpool Rock n Roll Marathon on Sunday (Paul McGregor, Colin O’Hanlon, Steve Copeland, Sammie Dalton & Joanne White) and also Michelle Matthews who is running the Manchester 10k on the same day.

Apologies if we’ve missed anyone out. Please let us know in the comments below. If you are holding a fundraiser or wish to, please email so that we can send you our ePack and get you on our events calendar.

Donate online:

Or text EDIE03 £(amount up to 10) to 70070

DIPG Awareness Day – 17th May

MRI Scan of Brain with DIPG

In the USA, 17th May 2017 was recognised as D.I.P.G awareness day by 22 states thanks to the Michael Mosier Foundation. This date is significant to them as it is the date that Michael passed away after fighting D.I.P.G. They are working to get these states and more to recognise this day again for 2018. We believe that we need a similar day of awareness here and therefore want to extend the awareness day to the UK on the 17th May 2018.

What is D.I.P.G?

MRI Scan of Brain with DIPGD.I.P.G stands for Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma. This is a grade IV tumour which is highly aggressive and currently considered untreatable in the UK. It originates in an area of the brainstem called the pons. The pons is responsible for vital bodily functions such as breathing, swallowing, blood pressure, sleeping, eyesight and balance. On average, 25-30 children a year are diagnosed with DIPG in the UK, that is equal to about a classroom full of children. There is no known medical reason for a child developing D.I.P.G.

Can you treat D.I.P.G?

Due to its location in the centre of the brain and the diffused nature of the tumour, it is not possible to surgically remove it. Standard chemotherapy is also not an option due to the blood brain barrier ‘protecting’ the tumour. Radiation is usually offered to help shrink the tumour however due to its aggressive nature this will only prolong life for a short while. The median age of survival is 9 months with doctors usually stating between 2 weeks and 2 years. Only 10% of children survive past 2 years and less than 1% survive for 5 years.

In 50 years, cancer research has helped us improve survival rates for a lot of different cancers, however there is no difference in the treatment now to 50 years ago for DIPG sufferers. Here, parents (as DIPG is most common in children aged between 5 and 10) are told to go home and make memories. As the tumour takes hold, the vital bodily functions are impaired. However, the sufferer’s knowledge and understanding is not affected, therefore they are fully aware of what is happening to them, they simply cannot control it, becoming locked inside their own body. It has to be one of the most cruel ways to suffer.

What Can We Do?

We need to spread awareness. We need to get people talking about this, not ignoring it. Yes it is rare but it’s not rare enough. Less than 4% of funding available goes into children’s cancer research, and even less again goes into brain cancer research. We need the politicians talking about this more. Dame Tessa Jowell has recently called for improvements in fighting cancer and last year a Scottish policitian even addressed parliament about DIPG and the doctors in Monterrey, Mexico, at the Instituto de Oncologia Intervencionista hospital, who are seemingly finding ways to treat this tumour using Intra-arterial chemotherapy and immunotherapy. Sadly there were not many politicians present.

During Channel 4’s Great British Bake Off – Stand Up to Cancer, aired on 3rd April 2018, a story was told by parents about their son who had battled DIPG but sadly lost his life to it. It had people searching for further information about the young boy and learning about it. This is the type of awareness we need. The more awareness and understanding there is, the better. It plays a significant role in both the research and care for DIPG.

Get Involved

We would love for as many people as possible to get involved with some sort of fundraising on May 17th, to help raise funds and spread awareness of this horrible disease. Our own event will be our second #BakeForEdie day, hopefully we can beat the first one held on 23rd March, which raised in excess of £5000 for the Spider-Ede Appeal. However, if baking isn’t ideal for you then please consider some activity to help us spread the word, whether it’s a sponsored walk, run or even silence, or a raffle within your place of work. Maybe a non-uniform day at school? We do need to raise vital funds for treatment, but we also want people to know and understand what the 17th May is all about, and what DIPG is. So, if all else fails, please just tell someone who may not know about it. Explain it to them, direct them to this page. Let’s get people talking more.

The Spider-Ede Appeal
Part of the Bradley Lowery Foundation
Charity Number: 1174333

Donate online at JustGiving

Personal donations/collections can also be made into our Halifax bank account.
Sortcode: 11-00-54
Account No: 13747967
Please make cheques payable to Ashleigh Stading or Stephen Molyneux (Edie’s parents)

Companies can make a charitable donation to our Bradley Lowery Foundation account. Please make cheques payable to The Bradley Lowery Foundation/Edith Molyneux. Bank details for direct transfers can be provided on request.

Vist the Michael Mosier Foundation

Spider-Ede to Line Up at the Randox Health Grand National

Grand National Race Card for the Honourary 41st Runner

Organisers of Saturday’s Randox Health Grand National have awarded an honorary 41st place in the World’s greatest race to Edie. This massive show of support will help raise awareness of DIPG and Edie’s fight by bringing it to the attention of a truly global audience.

In 2017, Jockey Club Racecourses (JCR) created an honorary berth in the race for five year old Bradley Lowery, helping to raise awareness of Bradley’s fight with neuroblastoma, and they have continued to work closely with the Bradley Lowery Foundation (BLF) afterwards. It’s through this link with the BLF, who support Edie and the Spider-Ede Appeal, that this amazing honour has come about.

Edie’s place on the racecard is explained on the Randox Health website, where they wrote:

In the racecard, Edie’s red and blue silks represent the colours of her favourite superhero, Spiderman, who also appears as her trainer. Her age is listed (3) and her elder sister Niamh and younger brother Leonard are her jockeys for the day. Edie’s actual weight (14 kilograms) also appears.

Also featured are Edie’s parents and grandparents: her father Stephen and mother Ashleigh, and her grandfather Chris and grandmothers Hazel and Ann.

Her write-up in the racecard reads: Making her Aintree debut, Edie loves walking in the park, playing with her puppy Ellie and gymnastics. But most of all she loves playing with her brother & sister and cuddles with Mummy & Daddy. Sure to make an impact, so will be well supported.

Whilst you can’t bet on Spider-Ede at the Grand National you can back Edie by donating to the Spider-Ede Appeal via Just Giving or Text Edie03 £(Amount up to 10) to 70070.

You can read more about this story on the Randox Health website and also on the BBC News site.

The Jockey Club have also produced the following video to introduce Edie:

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