Update – Friday 7th September

Edie Molyneux - Spider-Ede, Ashleigh Stading

Edie Molyneux - Spider-Ede, Ashleigh Stading
❤️🕷💙 Long awaited Edie update 💙🕷❤️

Edie has been doing fine, I know a lot of people worry when we go quiet. But it’s really because not much has changed. She continues to play sleeping beauty, whilst every week she has an extraction of fluid from the cyst.😴

At first the surgeon was extracting 7/8cc twice a week, but this week he has increased the extraction to 12cc. Edie is now strong enough that she no longer has to go to the hospital for the procedure and it can be done in the clinic.

When we first found the cyst we put Edie on a course of steroids to help bring the swelling down, she is completely off steroids now but still has a little puffiness around the face.

Next week we really hope that Edie will be starting a course of immunotherapy again. Although she has been doing well and remained stable we need to be making a push to attack the tumour direct. 👊👊

She will continue to take the many natural supplements that we have been giving her alongside the immunotherapy and hopefully we can have some good results to share with you all before too long🤞🙏

As always keep Edie in your thoughts and prayers. Send her love, support and all of the positive energy you can spare. 🙌

With Immunotherapy starting back up again things are going to get more expensive and funds will begin to take a hit. Please consider attending any of the Spider-ede events, all funds will help her fight this. If you can’t make it to any events please donate anything you can towards Edie’s treatment 🙏

Text EDIE03 £? to 70070

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