Sisterly Love

Niamh and Edie Molyneux - Sisterly Love

Niamh and Edie Molyneux - Sisterly Love
💕👭 Sisters – A bond like no other.👭💕

With only 13 months between our girls they have always been best friends, they hardly fought, we’re always laughing and playing together, looking after each other and causing trouble together.

My heart breaks for Edie having to fight this at just 3 years old, but my heart also breaks for Niamh. She is 4 years old and had to watch her little sister through all of this, with understanding way beyond her years.

She has asked me so many questions about dying and heaven since this. She knows Edie isn’t well and knows more than we all think.

Before Niamh left Mexico with Auntie Kirsty we spoke about Steve and I staying here with Edie and coming home just a few weeks later, Niamh said “And Edie will be all better then?” 💔💔💔💔

I stopped, what is the right answer?? I could of gave her a perfect fairytale. But I chose to be honest. My answer was “You know Niamh, Edie might not get better” 😢😢

To have to try and prepare yourself for the worst is one thing, but then to have to try and prepare your 4 year old daughter for the worst is another. Her sister her best friend is all she’s ever known.

Edie, we all need you to get better, you fill the room with laughter and joy! Mischievous yet so sweet!! We know you are a fighter and no one will ever give up fighting with you! 💪💪

Text EDIE03 £? to 70070

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