Weekly Roundup – 18th March

Hi all, it’s our weekly round-up post to say thank you to those who have held an event or participated in a sponsored event for us and to let you know what you can look forward to next week! As always, we want to say a huge thank you to everyone who is mentioned below, for those who have attended/supported and for everyone who has made a donation no matter what size. We appreciate you all ❤️💙

We are adding more and more events to our calendar so please take a look on this to see what’s going on in the next week at https://www.facebook.com/pg/thespideredeappeal/events/.

On Tuesday we collected a cheque from Town Lane Infants plus some additional cash donations totalling just over £485 from their non-uniform day. Thank you to all who donated. Townfield Lane also held a non-uniform day and raised over £536. St. Andrew’s Primary raised over £243 Again, thank you to the school, children and parents who donated.

In the evening our own Colin Farley held his Cheesy Bingo event and raised over £307! We’ve seen some videos of this and it looks like everyone there had a good laugh!

On Thursday John Hammond started his 4 marathons in 4 days, and flew to Northern Ireland for his first marathon. On Friday he drove to Southampton from Wirral, ran his second marathon, and then drove to London that evening, refuelling with a couple of Guiness! On Saturday he ran his marathon in a snowy Essex with Dave Huyton, and then they both drove a bit of a scary drive in the snow up to Scotland, and they ran the final marathon today. Both are amazing for doing what they’ve done and all the families are overwhelmed with their gesture.

On Friday – we had an early St Patricks Day celebration event at the Joey’s in Birkenhead. It was enjoyed by everyone and raised over £595!

On Saturday we were out in force over in Liverpool Central Station and Mathew Street rattling our buckets with live music playing in the station. Thank you to anyone who donated and to all of our volunteers who took a few hours out of their Saturday to help collect for us. We raised over £2000!

In the evening we had the Reds v Blues Charity Sportsman Dinner at Knockaloe Hall in Bromborough. Another great evening for those who attended and the holiday to New York was won by the highest bidder, Vivienne Redmond. We don’t have the final amount yet but they raised over £4500!

Today, Titan’s Gym in Birkenhead held their Ju-Jitsu competition. Simon Jones and Paul Wijjf completed 100 rounds and, along with a cake sale at the event, raised £420, well done all involved!

We had the Wirral Advanced Motorcyclists attend the Wirral Egg run and handed out 1000 Spider-Ede cards to help spread awareness of our cause and DIPG. Thank you to all who helped do this as well as the riders who wore our Spider-Ede t-shirts.

We also had Lorraine Jamieson-turton bag packing in Tesco in Rock Ferry for us today and raised another £164! Thank you Lorraine for taking your Sunday out to do this for us!

The Derby Arms in Rock Ferry have been collecting spare change and also held a raffle and have raised a total of £1500! A huge thank you to Alex and June for all their efforts.

We also collected various collection tubs from around the area and want to just list a few thank yous to both the shop and their customers for raising vital funds for us:
Family Shopper, Higher Bebington; Parkwood Nursery, Bidston; Sals Barbers; Mr Rooke’s family and friends; Harbour Pub, New Brighton; 8th Bebington Rainbow Guides; Eileen Stading and friends at her club; Lady Lever, Port Sunlight; Screwfix, Birkenhead; Co-op (Church Road and Teehay Lane); Hayes Travel, Bebington; Birkenhead and New Ferry Callers Office; The Oval, Bebington; Woodchurch Cricket Club; The Tap, West Kirby; Mendall Court Care Home; The Hair Company.

Our two main events of note for the forthcoming week are
#BakeForEdie on Friday 23rd – we’re hoping for as many offices/organisations/places of work and even communities to hold a bake sale to help us raise not just vital funds but awareness as well. We know of bake sales happening across Wirral, some in Liverpool, Cardiff, Hampshire, but we need more of you involved! Even if it’s a case of buy some cakes from a local shop and take them into work and get everyone to pay a £1 for one! Explain what it’s for. Let’s get more people talking about DIPG.

Then on Sunday we have the Princess and Superhero fun day at the Octel Club in Bromborough. Let’s hope the snowing and cold weather has gone by then!!

We want to wish Richie Hellon good luck as he’ll be starting his long walk from Tranmere to Dover next Sunday, and also the children who have swimming lessons with AquaSafe, who are all doing a sponsored swim next weekend.

Apologies if we’ve missed anyone out. Please let us know in the comments below. If you are holding a fundraiser or wish to, please email fundraising@spider-ede.org.uk so that we can send you our ePack and get you on our events calendar.

Donate online: http://JustGiving.spider-ede.org.uk
Or text EDIE03 £(amount up to 10) to 70070

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