Update – Monday 10th September

Edie Molyneux - Spider-Ede

Edie Molyneux - Spider-Ede
These past couple of days have been difficult, Edie’s breathing has been laboured, she runs a temperature of 38-40degrees that we are trying to get under control. We have lay in bed next to her thinking “is this it”, worried glances to each other, catching ourselves with tears in our eyes.

Because this is DIPG, no matter what you do, how well they are doing things can change so quickly. Right now we are still doing everything within our power but most importantly laying with our beautiful baby.

We just hope we can get her Immunotherapy this week and see some miraculous improvements because after all we have been here before.

🙏🙏 Once again we need you all to summon your positive energy and prayers to send them to our girl 🙏🙏

Text EDIE03 £? to 70070

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