Thank You to the Hoerbiger European Sales Team

Hoerbiger European Sales Team

Last week Edie’s Grandad Chris spent time in Austria with his colleagues, from all around Europe, for the Hoerbiger Service Europe Sales Meeting. On the Tuesday evening during the Annual Awards Ceremony, held at the National History Museum, Vienna, Chris was asked to stand up and say a few words about our little fighter, Edie. Chris used the time to inform his colleagues about the rollercoaster ride we’ve been on with Edie, and to ask them to spread awareness of her and the condition DIPG throughout Europe. Chris said this was the hardest speech he has ever made, but was overwhelmed as the room fell silent whilst his colleagues listened to every single word he had to say.

Although Chris never asked for money towards the fund, he was again overwhelmed when a collection bucket was passed around the room as everyone added to it, even though many had already given via the funding page. Other money was collected during the actual meeting in the way of 10 Euro fines for lateness and for using mobile phones.

Everyone at the Spider-Ede Appeal would like to take this opportunity to thank Chris’ colleagues from the Hoerbiger European Sales Team for their generous donations of 1752 Euro (£1,542), 2200 Korun (£76), 170 Zloty (£35) and 50 Kroner (£6) giving a total of £1,659 (pre-exchange commission).

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