Just Childcare Nurseries Raise £6,961 for Edie’s Treatment

Back to news Just Childcare Nurseries Raise £6,961 for Edie’s Treatment

Thanks to the amazing efforts of Just Childcare team members, parents and children, £6,961 has been raised for the Spider-Ede Appeal.

Since they were very little both Edie and big sister Niamh have attended the Park Wood Day Nursery in Bidston, Wirral, right up until they were told of Edie’s heartbreaking news. Devastated by the news the staff of the nursery made plans to help in any way that they could and, along with their colleagues and parents from across the Just Childcare group, they’ve done an amazing job.

As soon as the staff, parents and children of Just Childcare nurseries heard about Edie’s plight, the fundraising began. Cake sales, sponsored events, games and raffles with amazing prizes donated by parents and local businesses were set up to raise money – all running up to our Superhero Dress Up Day fundraiser on Tuesday 6th February.

That day, hundreds of children came to the rescue dressed up as Superheroes to raise funds. Little Edie loves Spider-Man, so it seemed only appropriate that our fundraiser be superhero themed. By the end of the day, our nurseries had raised an amazing £6,961, including a £1,000 donation from Just Childcare.

We would like to add our thanks to those of Park Wood’s manager, Hannah, for all of the staff, parents and children who have made this fantastic effort on behalf of Edie.

Hannah says:

It has been so heart-warming to hear about how much effort the other nurseries and their parents put into this fundraiser, despite not knowing Edie personally.

We would echo that, wholeheartedly about each and every one of our supporters, fundraisers and donors. You are all amazing.

You can read more about Just Childcare’s fundraising efforts on their website and view some photographs from their superhero day too.

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