The day our world stood still / Edie’s army

Sometimes we may find ourselves with a post that we need to share with everyone which doesn’t, perhaps, fit easily into any of the categories on our site. Which isn’t news, or fund raising, events or research related, but is absolutely, without question something we need to share. This post is one of those must shares.

The day our world stood still / Edie’s army is a poem written especially about Edie May and her plight, and written with love and understanding by Anna White, a friend of Edie’s mum. Anna has this to say about why she wrote the poem:

So anyone who knows me, knows I write a lot of poems about things that are current to me, and things I feel passionate and strongly about. Something I am currently passionate about is the Spider-Ede appeal. I’ve been debating whether to post but as a parent myself I honestly wouldn’t know how to handle it.

I honestly admire Ashleigh and family for their strength.

The poem ‘The day our world stood still / Edie’s army’ started out from a family perspective and then I changed into the supporters perspective. So here it is, I hope its ok xxx


That day. That unforgettable day.
The day our world stood still.
The day of denial, the day of despair,
Discovering your child is ill.
Our hearts were shattered in a moment in time,
Our minds begin to shut down,
We tried to rationalise with ourselves, that the doctors where wrong
We suddenly begin to drown.
Drowning in our own thoughts, and anger,
Denial and isolation then begins to kick in.
How is this possible for our beautiful girl?
Our world is caving in.

Nothing we can say, can make this easier,
Or take your pain away,
Nothing we can do, will undo what was said,
On that tragic day.
We can however, stand strong together,
And fight, where fighting’s due.
Raising as much, as humanly possible,
To get you to Mexico too.
Spider-Ede will make a phenomenal recovery,
Our faith will never alter,
We will scream, we will shout, we will dance about,
Edie’s army will never falter
Seek strength in any one of us,
Seek strength in us as a whole,
Seek strength in the power of the universe,
You will never be on your own.

Today, a memorable day, the world will move again,
We will unite, and win this fight, together we will stand firm.
Edie’s army, will never disband
All Strangers, family, and friends,
Standing strong shoulder to shoulder,
Until the Miraculous end.

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